Saturday, April 28, 2007

Do you have an audience research question?

Ask it here and I'll try to answer it for you. You may even be able to supply an answer yourself!


mel said...

What are traditional methods of finding out about your audience and is the internet affecting the way you do audience research?

How important are the 'audience' in shaping museum policy, and what areas of policy does it affect?

Chris Larry said...

Thought you might find interesting the work we are doing at American History Workshop with our Telling Lives story capture technology. This technology allows audiences to answer question to a video camera that is than collected as a response database.

We are detailing our work on this blog:

LyndaK said...

Thanks for this Chris, most interesting. I was able to view the stories on YouTube Tellinglives.

How does your organisation feel about using YouTube as a broadcast medium?

LyndaK said...

Mel - I'm going to answer your first question via a new post, and then deal with your second question in a later post.

Chris - I'm also going to move your message to a new post as what I think you're doing is very innovative and wuld like to discuss it further.