Tuesday, May 08, 2007

audience research wiki

In the spirit of trying all forms of web 2.0 media, we have set up an audience research wiki , as a dicussion forum for audience research. Here we will post articles that particularly address museum websites and audience research. Please have a look, and add your comments and thoughts to our discussion pages. If you are new to wikis, have a look around, and also have a look at Chris Barry's education section wiki.


digital_eva said...

Hi Lynda,

I'm a professional doctorate in design student from Melbourne and currently am doing innovative user research for digital augmented exhibition in museum. The project that I am involve with is creating a new summative evaluation tool that is different that the traditional, for example a set of surveys asking about visitor experience using multimedia device and through the used of visual in order to capture peoples' respond from what they have seen in the exhibition. I have read your articles and try to collect them as my literature review. What do you think this idea, and would be great if there's a link or reference for this. Thank you.

zak said...

hey i need some help there is a lot of audience research out there i am doing a dissertation on digital technology and the ways audiences are responding to the uses of it. i was just wondering what areas can i focus on with in the research of audience

i was thinking
audience consumption
ethnographies of technologies
gendered viewing