Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Museums and Web 2.0

Giving a lecture tonight at UTS to a bunch of students about what museums are doing in the Web 2.0 area. Some points I'll make:

Some of the experiments we're conducting via the Engaging Social Media ARC grant at the Museum I'll discuss are:

  • All About Evil exhibition development and blogging
  • Facebook and museum 'characters' (Winny Saur and our echidna)
  • Museum in a Box and professional development
  • Using Flickr
  • Climate Change exhibition/program and Twitter

I'll also reference the Mattress Factory; Brooklyn Museum; IMA and Powerhouse Flickr commons and object of the week.

I'll also look at how to develop a Web 2.0 mindset as explained in the diagram below, which I've been playing around with:

I'm attempting to do this lecture only using the web (i.e. I don't have a set presentation) – in this way we can explore what's happening together and discuss as we look at websites. I hope like hell the internet connection works!

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Lynda Kelly said...

ADDENDUM: Here's the link to the paper, From Ladders Of Participation To Networks Of Participation: Social Media And Museum Audiences.

As mentioned in the lecture, this presents Australiann data about the takeup of Web 2.0 and the implications for museums.

Thanks for having me!