Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Presentations: Tubingen (Germany) and National Gallery of Ireland (Dublin)

Am currently in transit to Germany (via Ireland!) to visit colleagues at the Knowledge Media Research Centre, who are undertaking a major research project: Learning in museums: the role of media for the recontextualisation of objects. The project ‘... aims to explore the potential of digital media for learning in natural science museums and exhibitions’. They are holding their first workshop later this week called Learning in Museums: International Positions. I’m giving a pre-workshop lecture called What does learning mean in museums and the digital environment? I’ll be presenting data from my thesis and some initial work I’ve been doing on “ladders of participation” and what Australians are doing online.
Will also be a good opportunity to find out about their progress on their many projects, which have synergy with the work we are doing under both the New Literacy, New Audiences project and our Social Media in Museums ARC grant.
On Wednesday I travel back to Dublin to be a keynote speaker at the National Gallery of Ireland’s Education Symposium Museums, Galleries and Lifelong Learning: are museums doing enough to attract older audiences?
Both my papers have been uploaded on my wiki at this link: audience-research » Conference papers.
It’s a cold and rainy day here in Dublin as I’m waiting for my flight to Frankfurt (after a long flite from Sydney...). Looking forward to a hot shower!

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