Thursday, November 29, 2007

Using Flickr as an evaluation tool

Check out the Flickr audience research site where childrens’ drawings of the African Impressions exhibition are stored. I’m experimenting with using these kind of sites as extra evaluation tools. Thanks to Ariel for doing all the scanning for me.

Any feedback welcome...


LyndaK said...

I'm also uploading some of the boards made by students who participated in The Museum I'd Like project, again as experiments (and a way for me to learn more about Flickr). These will be progressively added to as time permits.

Tzu-Yu said...

Hi Lynda,

Will you have further analysis for these children's drawings?

LyndaK said...

Hi there and thanks for posting Tzu-yu. I had meant to send this to you but had misplaced your email address!
At this stage we're still getting the questionnaire data sorted and then the final report will contain the analysis of the drawings that you already did. Looking at them again I think the categories we originally gave to them are solid and I don't think they need any further layers of analysis.
They look really cool on Flickr don't they?
Hope all's good and we miss you around here!

LyndaK said...

The rest of the boards made by students have now been posted to my Flickr site. I'm wondering if they can stand alone or do they need some commentary??

Tzu-yu said...

Hey, Lynda,

Sure, they look cool on Flickr, they are impressed me. Last week I attended the symposium of The Application of Digital Technologies in Art Museum Education held in Taipei, the speakers from US, Japan and Taiwan introduced the cases about using YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr etc as tools for educational programmes in the museums. They mentioned the concepts of Web 2.0 and Second Life. In some of the cases, they also conduct on-line audience research while they do the on-line programs. One of the speakr said that they did survey every two years before, but now they do it everyday via web. These tools look so great.

As to the pictures of the I’d Like Project, their works look interesting but some of the pictures are too blurred to look at clearly.

LyndaK said...

Thanks. Be really interested if you could send further information about the conference, sounds very useful.

I agree with the blurred images and am thinking that these kinds of things do need more context and explanation. If I ever get the time will add to it! Still new at this Flickr stuff and thinking about it's applications for getting research findings out there.

Lily said...

Dear Lynda,

I have also put up some effort to find visitors and non visitors experience through Facebook and Flickr. There's a new page I built and I have post them last few days. It is called

Another Flickr group under my administration is called Feedback forms design.

Lily said...


Can I also use some of the photo from audience research flickr for my research purposes?

I do think some description for the 'The Museum I'd Like' project is helpful too.


Lily said...

Hi Lynda,
I have started to use Facebook and Flickr applications to put many personal things in it. However, it realises me that those two applications can be used as a tool for audience research. So I keep on using them to learn and see how these application work and how it impacts the user. Through my opinion, these 2 applications can be a great tool for measuring visitors' experience for actual visitor, non-visitor and virtual visitor. Using these tool, the visitor can freely access and give their feedback and responds to the exhibition they have and about to visit. Some comments of why they choose not to visit museum can be reveal too. In fact this is what I'm looking for my research question, whether can digital-visual based tool be the next generation of evaluation tool for audience research. For the children drawings that you have uploaded and the rest of the photos, some description will help the web users and viewers understand and learn a little bit about audience research. I am keen to have some further information on the drawings and the boards if possible. Let me know if I can use these information for my research.

Thank you.


LyndaK said...

Hi Lily. Happy for you to use whatever you need. I can email you some papers from the Museum I'd Like project when I get back to work.

I really like the two groups you have set up. I like the experimentation and also the blurring of the boundaries between this blog, Flickr and Facebook. I agree with you that there is something there. Maybe establishing some kind of "review" or advisory group via Facebook of those who have an interest in a particular exhibition topic (like wildlife photography, dinosaurs, evolution, Indigenous issues - just some random topics from my museum as examples) and using tools of FB to communicate with them to start a dialogue?? These are initial ideas only and we can talk more about them in depth.
Maybe you should come to or Social Media in Museums Conference in Feb and we could explore possibilities??

Lily said...

Dear Lynda,

Thanks for your feedback. I really interested to utilised the photos you have uploaded in Flickr. I'd love to make a case study for both topics in comparing the traditional method of evaluation with a new one (which I'm going to design). In my research, I argue that exhibits evaluation tool can be better designed if the usability and user experience is taken into account, such as making them interesting in a form of digital(for example; making a new application that can be installed in the museum perhaps utilising Flickr and Facebook which in my opinion could gather more visitors' insight).

I will consider to attend the conference on February.

Anonymous said...

I went to Melbourne museum the other day. I was impressed with the children participation on every activity the museum had offered. Up on the wall there are some drawings made y the children from their visiting experience. There is also a huge sculptor of a dinasor contributed by the children from one of the child care center in Melbourne. The evident of children experience and insights are clearly presented at the museum which show their interest and understanding of what they have learn from the museum visit. However, at the front desk, there was an empty box of customer feedback form with a dull looking computer. I was standing there about 1/2 hour and returned another 1/2 expecting some visitors may want to come and put up some feedback. But there was none.
At one of the exhibition, I passed by to an elderly couple that have been sitting in front of the TV watching video. I heard they said, 'it's pathetic! They never updated the video. It is still the same...' And they just went off.

So, they have expressed their unsatisfied feeling through verbal but how do we(museum) know about this as the visitors feedback form/box for was still empty. Most of the visitors have their feelings of each exhibition but their experience and expression has just being said/shared to the family members or friends or with other visitors.

I wonder if there a way for museum to gather their feedback better in everyday visits. In my opinion, if we can burst some attraction for the visitors to come and leave a few lines of their thought will help improve the museum attendance as well as the quality of the exhibition.

LyndaK said...

More on Flickr and museums with the Library of Congress collaboration and some other commentary here.

lily said...

Hi Lynda,

How are you? I'm just wondering if you have got back to your office. I would love to have a look of the paper of further analysis regarding the pictures you uploaded into Flickr - The Museum I'd Like and the African Impressions if possible.

I have looked at this thread and the links, it seems museums are interested to share the visitors' view to diverse online public? I am really interested for this topic.I think photography can be a good potential to share ideas to the public. However, it seems people in either in Flickr or FaceBook aren't like to share thoughts at this moment. I'm still thinking of some ideas of how to evoke their interest to participate just like they enjoy forwarding the designed messages/virtual drinks through Facebook application.A new application perhaps?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes,

LyndaK said...

Hey there Lily. I am posting the same answer I sent you on Facebook so I have a record of it.

I spoke with one of my web colleagues about Flickr and discussions. He is a very early adopter and was using Flickr from the beginning. His view of it was:
* in the early days of Flickr there were many and longer discussions than there are now, probably due to other tools like blogs becoming more available that were better for this purpose
* by trying to 'force' people to respond they usually won't - a community needs to build from a common interest and be self-managed

I guess the interest needs to be built by you and me. I've found that many people that work in evaluation in museums are not up with new technologies and don't use them or even see the potential of them, or maybe I'm opening ahornet's nest here :). I felt that with my blog I was just talking to a few people (me, you and about three others!) but once I added Google Analytics I found that there are around 500 readers! So i guess the point is it's not whether people respond (altho that would be good), it's that more people may be looking than we thought.

As mentioned on FB I'll upload images and send you various reports tomorrow. The African Impressions exhibition data is being analysed at the moment so something will be ready soon'ish.