Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Organisational change, Web 2.0, etc etc

As many of you know, I have been posting and thinking lots about this issue.
Having had a lovely, three-continent conversation with Martin Stewart Weeks and Paul Johnston from Cisco tonight, we got talking about how we deal with this thorny issue. Paul and Martin pointed me to this wonderful paper The Neuroscience of Leadership:
“Why do people resist change so stubbornly, even when it’s in their own interest?” wonder CEOs like Mike. Changing the way others go about their work is harder than he has expected. New advances in neuroscience provide insight into why change can be so difficult, and there are several key findings." and so it continues. Well worth a read.
Me? I'm still wondering if we should take the Gordon Ramsay approach to organisational change - for those of you on Facebook check out this post. For those of you that aren't - tune in, 9.30pm EST Thursdays (warning - its addictive!!).

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LyndaK said...

Martin also had this to say "... the ethic and culture of the new connected age is not about age or generation but fundamentally about attitude and outlook."

Here's the website for TheConnectedRepublic