Friday, February 29, 2008

Social media conference: Friday 29th February

Here we are at the Museum of Sydney getting ready to speak, argue, engage and have fun with a packed house of 125 people or so.

Kevin Von Appen: What are we doing is communicating, collaborating, connecting, collecting, co-creating, colonising. Noted websites that I already uploaded links to in my earlier post.

Also remembered the post I did on what is Web 2.0 which you can access here.

Some other sites he mentioned (I'll upload the links later):

Climatexchange, questacon

Collection x, Canada


Brooklyn museum

Need to think about impact: what do we look for and how do we measure it, what should we value.

Seb inspired us all to remember that social media is hard – the technology is not. It takes a mind-shift across the whole institution (I think we're all going to be saying the same things today! We need to make strategic choices – the right choices. Social media is a website strategy. Social media strategy includes other websites you don't have any or little control over. Hopefully I have capture the major slide in this foto. Seb also talked about the stuart site – he has blogged about it here.

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