Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ICOM 2007 Day 3 Morning session

Gave my talk this morning – nerve-wracking, yet satisfying at the same time. Here's the links to my paper and other things mentioned in my talk:

I was truly honoured to share the stage with Elaine Gurian, one of the leading museum thinkers and a really nice person who has been very supportive of my work – thanks Elaine! I have to spend some time digesting what Elaine was talking about as well as our discussion so I'll post something later. I did place all the links to sites that Elaine and I mentioned on the What's new: August 2007 page of the CECA website.

Then had to rush on over to INTERCOM to give my paper about Museums and cultural diversity in Australia. Was slightly stressed at this pint as I was the last speaker after a looong morning, but all seemed to go well. Have posted my PowerPoint presentation as a pdf file on this wiki here (wasn't able to post the presentation here unfortunately. All papers from INTERCOM will be on their website.

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