Monday, August 20, 2007

International Council of Museums General Conference 2007, Vienna

This conference (ICOM) is the second triennial I have attended. Traditionally these conferences are terrific, bringing together museum professionals from all around the world. There is a good Aussie contingent here, a couple of New Zealanders and a sprinkling from the Pacific region. It's been great to catch up with colleagues from Taiwan, UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, South America, Mexico, Korea, to name just a few! So far I have attended functions at INTERCOM (the committee of management) and the CECA Board meeting (CECA being the Committee for Education and Cultural Action).

Also took some time out to visit the Natural History Museum and Historical Museum. For this somewhat jaded museum-goer I was absolutely blown away by the natural history museum. The building is absolutely breathtaking and the dinosaur/fossils hall was really wonderful with many great ideas about how to inject some contemporary features into beautiful hisitorical showcases. The display of dinosaurs was stunning, also demonstrating some great interpretive features. Might try and do a separate post about that somewhere else if I get time.

Now I will attempt to blog this conference – have learned several tips from my colleague, the good Sister – which I will try and implement.

Watch this space!

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