Tuesday, August 07, 2007

University museums engaging university students

This question from Sebastian Moody:

Hello Lynda,
My name is Sebastian Moody I am a Masters student in Museum Studies at the University of Queensland. I have commenced a case study of how university museums engage with the wider student population.

I was hoping that you would be able to inform me about other research that has been done in this area.

Sebastian - I don't know of any studies in this area - maybe some of our university museums colleagues could advise?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sebastian,

While there are many forms this can take, student curated exhibitions are most often quoted as a unique way university museums can engage university students.

There are lots of good resources on this issue available. Check out past issues of CAUMAC News (some as pdfs on the Museums Australia website) for Australian examples of student curated shows, particularly at Macquarie.

Another useful resource is the UMAC group, an international committee of ICOM focussed on university museums, check out their website at:- http://publicus.culture.hu-berlin.de/umac/ and in particular browse the past conference papers, some of which have included analysis of this issue.

I believe there has also been some higher degree studies of a similar nature done in the UK, contact through UMAC's Research Working Group might help track down some specific examples.

When I was at UQ about a decade ago a group of us did a study on UQ museums, Anthropology was the only one that did student curated exhibitions at the time I think.

For some general stuff on Macquarie's University museums have a look at the MQTV site:- http://www.mqtv.mq.edu.au/



LyndaK said...

Thanks Andrew. I also spoke to Jenny Horder who used to work at the Museum of Human Disease, University of NSW, who also mentioned UMAC as a source of references. She has also given several papers at Museums Australia conferences and you can find them on the MA website (but you need to be a member to access them).

Sebastian said...

Hi Andrew,

thanks very much for this info. I am particularly interested in how university museums engage with student populations outside of the arts and humanities. I am curious to know if there have been any successful projects in Australia in recent times with say the maths department and a university art museum?

I will follow your leads and if I find some more info I will post it on the blog.